Innovation is Coverbind´s Trademark

Combine the inventive, patented technology incorporated into our covers and thermal binding machines and you are assured of a professional, perfect-bound document. Our document covers meet highest archival quality standards, in both the soft and hard covers, and are specifically designed to work with our thermal binding process.

Our Binding Process

To form a secure and uniform thermally bound book, the spine’s adhesive melts and penetrates the pages of the document during the binding process. As the adhesive melts and expands to the edge of the cover, the thermal book binding process ensures that all of the papers attach securely to the cover and forms a solid document.

Once the perfectly bound document has cooled, the paper and the cover adhere to each other permanently. The ready bound document now has an archival quality seam, that resists pulling, tearing and aging. The design of the spine creates easier reading, because of its hinge effect.

Scoring Process

We were the first to make pre-folded thermal book binding covers. During the thermal book binding process, the covers actually fold back on themselves. As a result, when the bound document is first used, you do not have to “break” its spine, as it opens easily the very first time.

Archive Properties

The Coverbind covers are very well suited for archive purposes and will resist ageing extremely well!

Click here to read our statement on Archive and Aging


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