When it comes to document finishing, you have a lot of options. But if you’re considering purchasing a thermal binding machine for your home or office, there are a few important factors you should be aware of first. Not all thermal binders are created equal -- here are the things you should look for when choosing your in-house document finishing machine.

Document Capacity: What Machine Suits Your Needs Best?

Did you know that thermal binding machines come in all sizes and capacities? Don’t settle for a system that doesn’t fit your needs perfectly. Whether you need a thermal binder for personal use or for a high-volume office setting, there’s a solution for you. The wide range of thermal binding systems include:

●     Personal thermal binders -Ideally suited to short-run bound proposals produced manually in-house and on-demand. Personal thermal binding machines are compact and easily fit on your desktop with room to spare.

●     Compact thermal binders -Powerful yet compact, commercial-grade tabletop thermal binding machines can be used on their own or to complement a larger system. These space-saving machines enable you to manually bind multiple documents at once.

●     High-capacity thermal binders -High-capacity thermal binding machines practically run themselves, delivering print-shop quality document finishing while you focus on more important things. Bind up to 30 documents per minute automatically!

Innovation: Unique Thermal Binding Technology

When shopping for thermal binders, look for brands that offer innovative technology like four-score patented thermal binding covers, archive-quality seams and secure and uniform thermal adhesion. Choose an innovative thermal binding machine that will deliver the high quality results you expect.

Coverbind machines, for instance, use a cloth adhesive glue strip -- a significant upgrade from poured thermal binding. The innovative book binding glue strip holds document pages as if they were sew in, delivering superior durability and a more uniform look.

The most innovative machines will also allow for the ability to edit documents once they’ve been bound. While Coverbind thermal bound documents are permanent (with a 30-year shelf life!) you can also choose to reheat the book and take pages out. The reheating/editing process can be performed up to four times before a new cover is required.

Efficiency: Save Time, Increase Productivity

Increased productivity is one of the major advantages of owning a thermal binding system -- but that doesn’t mean every machine offers the same level of efficiency. Look for a thermal binder that delivers results in a matter of minutes, whether binding five documents at a time or 30. But efficiency is about more than fast turnaround. It’s also important to consider the usability of a thermal binding machine; choose one that is convenient and easy to use.

Results: Professional-Looking Bound Documents, Every Time

If you’re looking to buy a thermal binder, you probably already know the importance of professional-looking, bound presentations. You want a thermal binding system that performs consistently, creating perfectly professional documents, time after time.

In addition to selecting a thermal binding machine that creates durable, uniformly bound documents, remember to choose one from a company that also offers the document finishing supplies you’ll need to create a polished look. Do your bound documents justice with attractive, high-quality covers -- choose from a range of custom options, colors, materials and styles to achieve your desired results.


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