Great things are being said about Coverbind and Drop&Go!

Tina Riley sent us the glowing email below so we decided to investigate further with a little Q&A.

From the start, your customer service has been outstanding!

We are extremely happy with the Coverbind 9000 that we purchased. Our bound course materials look like they were professionally bound. What we like the most, however, is the time savings that we’ve realized since switching to the Coverbind 9000. We now bind 20 manuals in less time than it used to take us to bind one. That’s a literal statement, I timed it and it really is that much faster.

You and your team have a lot to be proud of, great service, great product, great purchase plans."

Tina M. Riley, Ph.D.
Director, HR Executive Education
School of Human Resources & Labor Relations
Michigan State University

Coverbind: How many documents do you bind per year?
Tina Riley: About 3,000.

Coverbind: What printer do you use?
Tina Riley: We have a Canon 5051, a 7055, and a 8095.

Coverbind: What binding systems have you used?
Tina Riley: Most recently, we used a ProClick machine that bound using plastic spines. This required that we punch holes in the paper we wanted to bind. In order to use colored copies, this punching process had to be done manually. The entire process took about 10 minutes per manual (ugh).

Coverbind: What other binding systems did you consider?
Tina Riley: We considered tape, spiral binding and plastic [comb] binding options. We also considered: Pro-Bind 2000 Professional Thermal Binding Machine, Fellowes Helios 60 Thermal Binding Machine, Fellowes TB450 Thermal Binding Machine, Fastback 20 Tape Binding Machine, and Espresso Book Machine.

Coverbind: Why did you choose the Coverbind 9000?
Tina Riley: The professionalism — the way it makes the materials look so professional! And really the speed is the biggest thing for us. The speed with which we can create manuals ... so if we have a class of 30 people, and we need eight manuals per person, that can be very labor-intensive. But with the Coverbind all we have to do is put the pages inside the covers, drop them in and literally five minutes later they are ready.

Coverbind: What applications do you use the Coverbind 9000 for? Anything other than manuals?
Tina Riley: Occasionally, for example, if we are going out to meet a potential client we will put something together but the bulk of it is the manuals. Advisory board meeting documents and things like that as well.