By Wayne Faulkner
Published: Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 10:30 a.m.
Introduction next month of two new binding machines promises to boost business at Wilmington-based Coverbind Corp. and could lead to a doubling of its staff.
Employment at the firm in the NorthChase Industrial Park, which is now just under 50, could increase to about 100 by the end of next year, said Erin French, vice president, customer logistics. Employees will be added in sales, administration and production, she said.
Want to apply? The company is always taking applications, French added.
Coverbind, which is the U.S. operation of Swedish company Bindomatic, manufactures binders from simple to elaborate and does final assembly of the company's machines, all in Wilmington, Coverbind's only location.
Coverbind can design and produce covers ranging from the simple to elaborate.
"We will do whatever the customer needs us to do," French said. "We will create beautiful artwork, foil stamp embossing," French said. But she added that the company also will provide a generic product that the client can use to create its own design.
"We manufacture an all-inclusive, one-piece cover that has a glue strip embedded on the spine," French explained.
Coverbind's machines, which it sells or leases, heat the adhesive as it is wicked into the paper.
Those new machines, the Coverbind 7000 and 9000, can bind anywhere from 1,200 to 2,400 documents an hour, French said.
The machines, roughly the size of a copier, "allow customers to thermally bind a document in-house," she said, saving money and increasing productivity.
Coverbind's process is a more efficient alternative to spiral binding, French said. The latter, she contends, is cumbersome, takes much more manual labor and time and can lead to inaccuracies – pages can be bound out of order, for instance – or tampering.
Coverbind is no fledgling outfit. The parent company is 40 years old, and Coverbind opened in Wilmington in 1994.
Its customers vary widely.
Some only require a desktop version of a binding machine, French said.
But Coverbind also provides its products to two of the top 10 accounting firms in the U.S., three of the top 10 engineering firms and four of the top 20 insurance companies, she added.
The company's products, French said, are particularly useful in corporate print shops, where multiple kinds of documents must be printed in the thousands – annual reports, presentations to clients, applications for product approval. As fast as documents can be printed they can be bound, she said.
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is a major Coverbind client, requiring hundreds of thousands of covers for patent applicants and recipients. That business is growing as the office's response time on patent applications shortens and attracts more applicants from around the world, French said.
A growing opportunity is the judicial system. Court systems are starting to mandate that records be bound using adhesive, French said.
The court document "needs to be bound this way because it's tamper-proof. With spiral they could take a page out and no one would know," French said.
"It's huge for Coverbind," she said. "They have to buy ours."
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