Binding Machines

Coverbind offers a complete range of document binding equipment to suit your specific needs and budget; all provide the most efficient way to bind print-shop style documents in-house.

  • Accel Cube left

    Accel Cube

    Our Drop&Go Technology has been enhanced making the Accel Cube an amazing two times faster than the previous generation, 45x faster than punch and bind, and 30x faster than tape binding. Rivaled only by the Accel Ultra, documents move through the machine at the rate of 60 documents per minute — dramatically boosting efficiency. The Cube features additional upgrades including increased quality and strength of the bound documents as well as improved appearance of the machine.

  • Accel Ultra front

    Accel Ultra

    New ground has been broken in document binding efficiency with the new Accel Ultra. Designed with the high-end user in mind, the Ultra boasts double the loading capacity and has cut processing time in half. Our third-generation thermal binding machine binds one document per second —  45 times faster than punch & bind and 30 times faster than tape binding.

  • Accel Ultra+

    Accel Ultra+

    The most efficient way to bind expanded spine sizes
    The new Accel Ultra+ takes the speed of the Accel Ultra and gives you the ability to bind thick documents with the same ease and simplicity that Drop&Go Technology offers.
    Thanks to its enhanced capabilities, intuitive simplicity, and binding speed, the Ultra+ is the ideal binding solution for office/corporate walk-up print stations, as well as volume demanding CRD or commercial print environments with the demand for ¾ to 1 ½ inch spine widths.

  • Accel Flex

    Accel Flex

    Print shop productivity and professionalism at your fingertips


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